Eqsus Award


Each year a student at Chalmers is awarded with the union sustainability and equality award, Eqsus!
It can be anyone who did anything to include, improve, arrange, organize or stand up for other students. 
Nominations open 5th April 2017.

The prize is awarded to a student at Chalmers who has:

•    made a positive change in the areas of equality or sustainability
•    worked for a long time with sustainability or equality questions
•    made a stand in questions regarding sustainability or equality
in or for Chalmers University of Technology.
§1    The person need to be a member of Chalmers Student Union
§2    A maximum of two (2) individual persons can get the prize each year
§3    The winner can be a bachelor, master or graduate student at Chalmers University
§4    A person cannot get the award for something he/she plans to do
§5    The action needs to be located to one of Chalmers campuses or include a change in the Chalmers University of Technology or Chalmers Student Union operations
§6    10 000 SEK has to be awarded each year but the money can be divided unevenly between the winners. For example:
A: Winner A and winner B get 5 000 SEK each    total 10 000 SEK
B: Winner A gets 2 500 SEK and winner B gets 7 500 SEK    total 10 000 SEK
§7    The winner/s is/are awarded during the hat ceremony during the autumn.