Recreation Harryda


In Härryda, two miles east of Gothenburg, lake Sandsjön is located. A great place for swimming, sauna, barbeques and recreation.

Sports cabin
Cosy and fully equipped cabin with kitchen, toilets, showers, beds and an open fireplace. The small sauna is included in the rent.
Grand cabin
Built in 2016, this cabin of splendour offers a grand view of lake Sandsjön and can hold up to 120 sitting guests. Complete with two floors and a restaurant style kitchen. 

C.S. Sauna
Lakeside wooden sauna built by Teknologföreningen C.S. in 1964 and given to the Union on our 100th birthday. Renovated in 2016 with a dual heating units (firewood and electricity). Presumably the largest student owned sauna in the world, fitting 60 people.
Sports Sauna
A smaller sauna also overlooking the lake. Renovated in 2014. 
Sleeping cabin
Cosy cabin with 15 beds in a shared room.

Reservations made ​​through Student Union Information Desk.

Foto: Noelle Madsen