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Welcome to Chalmers University of Technology and the Student Union!

At Chalmers membership in the Student Union is mandatory and all students enroll during their first days on campus. Members enjoy many benefits, learn more.

The Student Union is here to protect and serve its members. We are your joint voice and we work hard every day to affect our education, on a local level but also national. Apart from that our members, you, create opportunities for fun, leisure and business: host the largest indoor parties in Sweden's largest student union building, a careers fair, start new companies run by students for students and make sure you are safe, comfortable and get new friends during your time at Chalmers.

"All members should thrive and develop throughout their time at Chalmers." /our vision

Here's a brief guide to student life at Chalmers. If you have questions make sure to contact us, CIRC or the university depending on the nature of your enquiry. 


Chalmers has two campuses, Johanneberg och Lindholmen. Johanneberg is centrally located in Gothenburg with buses 16, 55, 58, 158, 753 and trams 6, 7, 8 10 and 13. Bus 19 stops at Chalmers Tvärgata. Bus 16 and 55 takes you between both campuses. Timetables and traffic information on Västtrafik.
Catering on campus is ranked no. 6 worldwide (International Student Barometer 2014) and the Student Union provice almost all the catering on campus. This means great deals for you and easy payments with your student union card.
And the profit goes right back into the union's core business and its members. We provide fairtrade coffee, fresh lunches, snacks but also pubs and restaurants. Find all the student union owned restaurant campus wise on our catering company's website.

Your student card and membership benefits

Your student union card will arrive by post after payment (invoice goes to your student mail). Apart from benefits and deals on campus stores, cafés, pubs and restaurants you also get access to our own pool, sauna, gym hall, study rooms at campus Johanneberg. You can also book the train car and our very own recreational cabin, exclusively for members.
Student literature is best and most easily purchased in our own bookstore Cremona or Kokboken (Lindholmen). You can also purchase online at to avoid the lines during the start of term. We are both affordable and specialized on YOUR course literature. 


Your education matters. We have student reps all over the place to make sure the students voice are heard. If you ever run into problems or have questions regarding examinations, teachers or other study related issues you can contact your student division (take note which one during enrollment). They run the local work at your student division and are your closest contact in everyday matters.

Student life, support and help

Student health, both physical and mental, are important. Together with Chalmers the Student Union offers support in terms of counseling, in general or spiritual.  The first contact is normally your  local student rep, SAMO (Student Safety and Welfare Representative) at your student division. Priest and counsellor are located in the student union building, 3rd floor. 
Your student division runs the local work, hosts parties, dinners, career fairs and other activities. Keep in touch and you'll never miss a thing - most student divisions have their own website and Facebook page.

Future and career

The future maybe unknown but there's no reason to fly out without a proper network and contacts after your exam. Through the student union and the student division you have the opportunity to make new contacts that may matter in the future. During your time at Chalmers there will be many career fairs. It can lead to your thesis or a future career. 


Dive into our  FAQ on your first days and weeks here at Chalmers.

Stay tuned

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