A committee within the student union are appointed by the council to carry our a specifik mission.

It can be arranging annual parties, working for a more equal Chalmers or documenting the activities in the Student Union. Every now and then during the year the committees are looking for new members through "aspning" (aspiration).


The BEST committee makes it possible for all Chalmers students to sign up for an interesting free weekly courses at other universities in Europe!


Mission: to skilfully document all the fantastic Student union events.

The main purpose of Chalmers Studentkårs Film och Fotocommitté (Chalmers Student union’s Film- and Photo committee) is to document everything that happens in the student union. This is mainly done in the manner of shooting still pictures –  parties, group pictures, portraits, degree portraits, ball pictures and much more. In addition to this do we also work with video. We produce everything from commercials to documentaries.

The history of the committee spreads for over 100 years, with roots in the early 20th century. CFFC was originally two different committees, DFK (Documentary-Film Committee) and CFK (Chalmers Photo Club), but 1977 Chalmers Film o Foto Club was founded from these two committees. The “Club” part of the name was quickly changed to Committee. Today the name has been changed to Chalmers Student unions Film and Photo committee. Because of this history we have a large archive and we will gladly help you find old pictures.

Chalmers Student unions Film and Photo committee is a group of students whose common interest is photography. As time passes our members graduate and get real jobs, and we need to fill their places. Is it you that we’re looking for? We are always looking for students with a solid interest in video- and/or photography that want to join us to document what happens in the union.

Want to join? The easiest way to contact us is by visiting us at our room in the basement of the student union building basement during lunchtime or by sending an email to

To see our pictures or find out more about us please visit our website at


Mission: to annually build Cortége

Become a Chalmers student, build Cortège!

In Gothenburg there are a lot of signs of the spring arrival, but the biggest, and yet yearly recurring, is the Cortège that rolls through town the 30e of April.

As a Chalmers student you have the privilege to join in and build carriages, entertain Gothenburg and enjoy the funniest recurring event of the year Chalmers has to offer.

Why build in the Cortège? To maintain a tradition since 1909? To experience the amusement tour a little longer week has to offer? Or simply, why not both?

Interested? Call 031-18 45 35!

Chalmers Event

Chalmers Event organizing meetings between students and companies.


CIRC organizes the reception for all incoming international students at Chalmers University of Technology. We arrange various social activities and events during the first few weeks after the students arrival. In addition, CIRC strives to keep in touch with the students during the year following their arrival in order to help them and to provide them with a link to Chalmers, to the Student Union as well as a link between each other. CIRC members work on a voluntary basis, solely on their firm belief that they will help give the students memorable years at Chalmers, and at the same time have a fun time themselves.


Chalmers Pyrotechnic Committee

Mission: to light your fire

Chalmers Pyrotechnic Committee, Pyrot, founded in 1968 and thus has over 40 years of combined experience behind them. As the name suggests we are dealing with pyrotechnics in all its forms. Anything that crackles, lights up and smoke is our specialty. Usually, we shoot outdoor fireworks, but we are managing indoor shows, fireworks to music and also special effects.

Pyrot's activities are aimed primarily for students of the Student Union, but also other committees at Chalmers, individuals and external businesses can benefit from our knowledge and expertise.

When Emil or Emilia has reason to celebrate, it is thus Pyrot they contact.

Do you want to light some fires and make some noise? Contact us!

Chalmers Studentkårs Bastukommitté

Maintenance and development of sports hut and sauna.

Chalmers Studentkårs Marskalksämbete

Mission: to proudly maintain fine traditions at Chalmers

Marskalkskämbetet is a committee that is responsible for that extra edge when it comes to Chalmers traditions and "high culture" at Chalmers Student Union. The Committee has the task of

• Preserve and manage the massed standards

• Preserving the Chalmers Student traditions of caps, banners and etiquette and ensure that the information on this is available for Student Union members

• organize the Student Union change of caps in spring and fall, known as “mösspåtagningar”

• Arrange Chalmers Student's annual spring ball

• Work to Chalmers Student Union will be represented at the Nobel Banquet

Increased interest in traditions gives an expansive and a good future for Marskalkskämbetet as committee and a richer cultural life at Chalmers as a school.

Do you love walking around in a tail-coat or gown? Don’t hesitate to help us maintain fine traditions at Chalmers!


Chalmersspexet Bob

Committee that arrange farces.

Chalmersspexet Vera

For you who wish do something creative besides of your studies or only wish to see a good show

Chalmersspexet Vera sets up yearly a humorous theatrical performance with song and dance, in the spirit of musical theatre. The performances takes place in November and February in the student union house and can be seen in several cities during Vera's tours. For tickets and dates see

Veraspexet have also larger dinners in conjunction with performances, steeped in traditional Chalmers and spex culture with high-quality performances and singing.

The ensemble consists of female Chalmers students. For other positions, all Chalmers students are welcome to apply, and you who know theater, technology, costumes, music and song, design, writing, producing, organization and parties are sought after. All in all, Vera consists of about 35-40 people who together create a wonderful show and have a great time together.


Applications occur at the end of the lv3 and interested parties send their application to or visit for more information.


Mission: to annually arrange CHARM career fair

CHARM is the leading career fair in Nordic and it is arranged at Chalmers University in February each year. More than 170 companies from many different industries visit CHARM to meet Chalmers’ students to show what they have to offer during their time at Chalmers and after graduation.

CHARM is organized by the CHARMcommittee that consists of a project manager who works with CHARM and the Student Union full time and seventeen students working with CHARM besides their studies. The committee is assisted by a project group that begin to work with CHARM during the fall and by over 250 CHARMhosts who work at the fair.

Do you want to engage in the Student Union? CHARM offers many opportunities for engagement, for example: driving a truck, contacting companies, organizing creative events, plan the career fair, promote the project or arrange the CHARMbanquette. Read more about the event CHARM and on ways to get engaged at


If you got here you probably like parties!

Mission: to throw Sweden’s best parties for students at Chalmers

So do we, FestU. That’s why we arrange some of the biggest parties in Scandinavia! Would you like to go to parties with multiple dancefloors and bars, inflatable castle, live bands etc – to a student’s price? Make sure to buy a ticket to any of our parties, FestU-kalas. If you would like to help out – work in the bar, build the party or clean up the day after etc (we call it "puffa") – that’s also an option. Get in touch with us, everybody who helps us out with the parties get free tickets to the movies and some other fun stuff, besides having a great night!


Committee responsible for the operation and maintenance of the union's computer system.


Responsible for the operation of the nightclub Gasquen.


The International Association for the Exchange of Students for Technical Experience, or IAESTE, is a non-profit organization with members in over 80 countries.

We send Swedish students on internships at companies all over the world. We receive an equal number of students that come here for their internship. As our name suggests, our aim is to help the student get work experience within their field of study before graduation. If you are an exchange student and have completed your bachelor here you may apply for an internship via Sweden. If you are a Master student you are welcome to apply via your sending country. For a list of member countries, visit

IAESTE has local committees at the larger universities in Sweden. The main office for IAESTE Sweden is also located here at Chalmers.

The countries that we exchange internships with and the fields of study that have priority depend on what you as a student have requested in our Interest Form. The form can be found at during the fall semester. We also publish the internships there in February.

For more information you can visit our office on the 3rd floor of the Student union building or send us an e-mail. Our office is located between Tofsen and CHARM. We will be there to answer your questions every Monday 12:45.

In IAESTE you will develop the skills that are important to carry with you into your working life after Chalmers; skills that you do not get to practice as part of your teaching. With us you will be trained in your contact with the companies, you will meet new people from a multitude of diverse cultures and we arrange activities for the incoming trainees during the whole year.

Kårhuskommittén (KåK)
Kårhuskommittén, KåK is a temporary committee at Chalmers Student Union. KåK have 5 members that works to improve the Student Union building.The Student Union building is like a home for the members of KåK, so we will try to fix what’s broken and to do this fast without being slowed by bureaucracy. We will also be responsible for making sure that the other people using the Student Union building uses it correctly and that it will be cleaned correctly. We want to achive a clean and orderly building with a touch of cosiness. KåK is also responsible for the railway car outside of the union building so that the car is used and cleaned correctly. During the spring of 2016, KåK will be evaluated if it should be a permanent committee or not.
If you have any questions or want to contact us? Please e-mail
Do you have any suggestions regarding the union building or railway car? Please e-mail:

The Equality Committee is founded in the purpose of improving equality among students at Chalmers. The goal is to arrange two discussion cafés each study period, where equality issues are discussed among students at Chalmers.

Ljud- och Bildgruppen

Mission: to provide lights and sound to the Student Union’s coolest events

LoB has everything from small speakers and mirror balls, to really big PA-systems and disco lights which will make the nightclubs in town jealous.
If you are having a party we will fix a nice dance floor to a good student price. We also show movies at the Chalmers theater and are quite nice in general.

For booking and other questions you can find us in the Student union building at Johanneberg in the basement between 12 and 13 o'clock Mondays to Saturdays. These are also the time you fetch you bookings, and you return them at 12.00.



You can also send us an email or visit our website.


Modulen is Chalmers Student Unions information leaflet. It comes out four times per study period, on Mondays odd study weeks (SW1,3,5,7). In Modulen, all Chalmers students can inform about what is happening at Chalmers, especially within the student union. Deadline for material to Modulen is Wednesdays even study weeks (SW2,4,6). If You want to add something to Modulen, please send us an e-mail.

Mottagningskommittén MK

We in MK, which is short for Mottagningskommittén (the Reception Commitee), are responsible for the reception of the bachelor students and of making the reception as good as possible. MK works as a central cooridinator for all of Chalmers providing a link between the programs, the student union and the University. We are responsible for your first day at Chalmers, Nollympiaden and a billion of other things that just have to work.

If you have any questions regarding the reception, Chalmers or Gothenburg you are welcome to come down to our room in the basement of Kårhuset or just ask us if you see us on campus. Then, how do we look? We wear fancy dark blue trousers with flourescent yellow details so you can find us even in the darkest of places. Obviously we will do our best to visit you during your reception to see how its going!

Programkommittén PU

Mission: to ensure that all students at Chalmers can enjoy a rich range of cultural activities

The Program Committé PU is a committee of the Chalmers Student Union. You can recognize us by our black shirts and red ties. Our role is to make sure there is a wide range of cultural events on Chalmers.

We run the Chalmers theater, showing movies in Runan multiple times each period. We also book bands and artists to perform concerts in the Student Union building, both in the restaurant and Gasquen. Or maybe tastings and courses could be something of your taste? We arrange it all and much more to make sure the students on Chalmers can enjoy great culture in a fun and social way!

All of our events will be announced on our bulletin board outside the Student Union building, on our website and on other bulletin boards around Chalmers. If you have any questions please visit us in our room, which is located in the Student Union building’s basement, or send us an e-mail.

Telephone: 031-772 39 26


Songbook Committee is appointed by the student union council to develop a new union songbook.

Svea Skivgarde

About Svea Skivgarde
Svea Skivgarde is a student union committee at Chalmers, which makes sure that the wax are spinning and music is flowing on gasques and parties. The Committee consists of about ten members who all have a common passion for music and everything around it. In addition to playing discs, most members have different tasks, such as book keeping or take care of equipment and discs. Svea also plays outside Chalmers at various clubs, corporate events and private parties. Our room is in the basement of the student union building and we are usually there at lunchtime and most evenings.

If you want to book us you can use this link. If you want a quick answer, it is better if you call our booking manager. The best chance for you to to reach us is on Monday afternoons when we have our weekly meeting.

To become a member of Svea, you must first be a part of our ”aspning” which is 1-2 times a year. Normally it’s one ”aspning” in the fall and one in the spring. During ”aspningen” we have different activities so that Svea will have the chance to get to know you, and vise versa. To ”aspa” you need no prior knowledge of playing CDs, but you must of course study at Chalmers (Johanneberg or Lindholmen). Since we spend a lot of time together, it is very important that you are a person that we enjoy and feel is comfortable with us. You can subscribe to aspningen anytime here.

Svea Skivgarde began at Halland Nation in August 1968. The business quickly moved to mainly play at Chalmers. But besides Chalmers we also play at a lot of other places in Gothenburg and also in some remote locations.


Tofsen is the Student Union’s member magazine with a circulation of 3 500 copies. It is issued six times per year and it is entirely financed by advertisements.

Tofsen was founded in 1944 by Gösta Lagermalm who wanted to create a forum for debate and information in the Student Union. According Gösta, the management was moderately fond of the idea and the thought that the magazine would not be around for long. Against all odds, the magazine is still alive and kicking. In the fifth issue of Tofsen 1944, Gösta stated that the aim for the magazine is:

  • to be a link between Chalmers students at all levels and disciplines
  • to offer space for free discussions of topics that affect the entire Student Union
  • to work for changes in the current mismanagement of the university through positive criticism
  • to publish interesting articles about technical things and also about more general topics
  • to give all Chalmers students an opportunity to effectively spread good ideas
  • to amuse its readers

The above given statements are still the goal of the editorial staff. We want to be independent of the Student Union’s politics and dare to question traditions and organizations around us. Tofsen should be financially independent so that the students don’t get the impression that the Student Union fees fund the magazine.

The editorial staff consists of an editor-in-chief, three sub editors and a bunch of voluntary students, who write, illustrate, take pictures and do the magazine's layout together. Tofsen reach all Chalmers students and it is also distributed in some departments at University of Gothenburg.